Wire Sculpture Information

Ferndale Craft’s stunning fairies/mermaids are unique hand-crafted sculptures that you fall in love with and treasure. Create an element of magic in your garden, delighting family and friends by placing them in amongst the flowers and pots, bring a touch of fantasy to your flower boarders or when perched and hidden amongst the shrubs. They can be enjoyed year-round being equally cherished in your home amongst the house plants or displayed on the mantlepiece and look amazing in the sunroom or conservatory as the light falls across the wings, setting their vibrant wing colours alight.

Our fabulous sculptures are collectable pieces to be cherished as an individual or part of a herd. They satisfy the love of fairy tales that many of us hold dear.  They make an amazing gift for yourself or someone special and our baby fairy makes the perfect gift to celebrate a new birth.  Each one is hand crafted out of high-grade stainless steel and is a beautifully made, unique piece of artwork.

We have a range of fairies and mini ones too, together with mermaids and baby fairies to appeal to everyone.  Most of our sculptures can be customised if you are looking for a particular combination, or select her just how she is, if this is ‘the one’.

Please contact us on info@FerndaleCrafts.co.uk if you would like a bespoke fairy, we will do our best to make your dreams come true.

Willow Sculpture Information

Ferndale Craft’s Willow birds and animals are designed to live indoors or out, (although prefer to come in when the weather turns colder, as they last longer without frostbite). Our site shows some of our standard products as well as bespoke commissions, that can be remade should you be interested in a similar item.

Want a willow creation made specifically for you?  Then simply drop us an email at info@FerndaleCrafts.co.uk and outline what you want and we will let you know if we are able to help. A truly special willow sculpture could soon be yours.

Care Instructions

Please see our Care Instructions for both Willow and Wire sculptures by clicking here.

Please Note

Each of our products are handcrafted individual sculptures, which results in unique pieces, with slight differences between them.

Our sculptures are made to order and typically take between 2 – 4 weeks to complete. During busy periods, this may take longer, we will advise you by email if this is likely to be the case.