Care Instructions 

Care Instructions for your Willow sculptures

Willow sculptures are made from natural fibres which will eventually deteriorate, spraying with a preservative and shielding from harsh elements will enable you to enjoy it for far longer.

Bring in during the winter, willow will degrade quicker in snow and icy conditions.

To prolong its life spray your willow sculpture with a natural wood preservative, approximately April/May, August and November.  Spray when the willow is dry.  This will protect it from the rain and elements.

Care instructions for wire fairies and mermaids.

Your sculpture is made from marine grade stainless steel so should resist tarnishing, however infilled wings are delicate and would probably not tolerate windy conditions, (if you have selected this option).  Therefore we recommend they are brought in for inclement weather.  The fairies are very light, so would need anchoring and placing in a sheltered position if placed outside.  We bring ours in and out to enjoy all year round.

Caution: The fairy is made from woven wire, as such there will be sharp ends which could result in cuts.  As such she is not suitable for young children and is not a toy.  The wings are delicate and could be damaged if knocked over or blown in the wind.  If she is to be placed outside she will need anchoring down and is not suitable for inclement weather.